Construction management software

Efficiently monitor your construction site from your mobile phone, and save time in producing your work reports and invoicing with the most comprehensive ERP software on the market.

Construction project management, work organisation, planning…benefit from an all-in-one software solution!

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Are you looking for a software solution to facilitate the management of your construction sites?

A tool designed for site monitoring

With Organilog, draw up your invoices, generate your intervention reports and much more!

Easily create and consult your schedules and report information from the field, this tool is particularly well suited to the building and associated trades.

In addition to being a field coordination platform, Organilog allows you to set up complete control of your sites.

Focus on the success of your construction company!

Simplify invoicing

Optimise and facilitate the creation of quotes and invoices for your construction sites.

Turn a quote into an invoice with just one click and have it signed electronically to shorten payment times.

Automate unpaid invoice reminders.

Apply late payment penalties with customised PDF contracts.

Easily manage your teams on site and in the office

With Organilog, you can efficiently manage your teams’ schedules and keep a precise history of your work.

Every day, you can review site visits and check the work progress in real time.

Plan a site meeting for a construction project, schedule a follow-up to meet deadlines, set up processes to ensure compliance with standards, and more.

A must-have tool for construction companies.

Efficiently report information from the field

Equip yourself with a first-rate assistance tool for construction sites.

Benefit from a work report generator for effective communication with customers and teams.

In a few clicks, everything is sent to the cloud for secure, multi-support access.

Keep a record of job site reports and access them whenever you need. Everything is archived on a single tool!

Monitor your sites perfectly from a distance

A site manager or team leader can obtain all the information related to interventions, without waiting for the reports at the end of the day.

The application brings together all the information to enable effective monitoring and optimisation of building sites.

Your project manager has easy access to all the data for optimal site monitoring.

All the features, in addition to site monitoring!


Facilitate the management of construction quotes

Customer management

Benefit from an interface allowing you to manage your customers.

Site planning

Easily plan your sites and assign tasks in just a few clicks.

Inventory management

Centralise your stock management and monitor their levels.

Mobile clocking in system

Follow and calculate the working hours of your teams in the field.

Intervention reports

Generate intervention reports for your sites very rapidly.

Customer portal

Provide your customers with a portal to access important information.


Analyse the profitability of your activity with numerous statistics

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Optimise your daily management with an all-in-one tool. Say goodbye to paper-based management with new technologies to improve your daily life.


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Still not convinced by our site monitoring tool?

Using a management tool to monitor construction work and sites allows you to remain competitive. You can win contracts more easily in a very competitive market.

Simply manage your field teams and turn your smartphone into a first-rate assistance tool for site management and monitoring.

Gain total control of your site, even remotely with management software such as Organilog.

Quickly anticipate unforeseen events on site with the 360° tool, which gives you a global view of your construction work.

Facilitate communication with your suppliers and optimise your stock management.

Communicate efficiently with your customers. Centralise all your documents relating to the site in progress to respond easily and quickly to customers.

Give your customers the possibility to follow the progress of the work at the same time as the project manager. With increased customer satisfaction, your customers will hold you high in their opinions.   

Get an overview of all the workers’ schedules in the construction project, from the architects and their plans to the skilled workers. Manage every step of the projects in real time,  from top to bottom and benefit from rock solid response times in the event of delays.

Keep complete control of your site at every stage of the construction process, from the design of the plans to the execution of the work. No more planning sites on an Excel spreadsheet where errors can creep in and where filling in the data is time-consuming and annoying. 

Organilog helps you manage your construction sites. The solution will help you win tenders more easily thanks to the overall quality and the innovative aspect of your services.

Turn your smartphone into a first-rate assistance tool for site management and monitoring.

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Several hundred construction companies are already using our tool.

Carry out perfect site monitoring with Organilog and manage your customers’ projects with clearly organised and optimised work planning. Meet all your deadlines and satisfy your customers with Organilog!

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