Compatible with over 100 business sectors

Organilog tailors to your core business with over twenty modules, including customer management, invoicing, purchasing, planning and many other useful functions to help you ever day. Customer relations are facilitated, enabling companies to save time with internal and external communications.

One main advantage of Organilog’s software is the interconnection of the different modules in one place, reducing the need for multiple software solutions. Archiving is simplified and interaction facilitated for each and every team member at a common working level.

The ERP (enterprise resource planning system) will help your company to structure and develop processes and methodologies for seamless collaboration between management, team leaders, admin, accounting, and field teams.

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Some examples of industries that use Organilog

Refrigeration specialist

Manage your documentation, refrigerants and much more

Industrial Maintenance

Benefit from an excellent CMMS tool

Computer technician

Optimise your intervention management

Cleaning and housekeeping

Make your agents’ jobs easier


Manage your maintenance contracts and streamline your interventions

Plumbers and heating engineers

Optimise intervention management


Facilitate the management of carpentry work at the customer's premises

Roofer and Carpenter

Simplify the management of your work sites


Optimise your time, enhance productivity

Industrial painter

Optimise your intervention management

Sales representatives

Optimise your sales strategies and business trips

Caretaking Services

Centralise the management of your check-outs and daily activities

Technical Services

Optimise your technical intervention management

Water and Sanitation

Optimise team management and the feedback of information from the field.


Optimise team management and logistics

Kitchen Fitter

Organise your interventions efficiently

Pest Control Services and Disinfection

Optimise intervention management and the feedback of information

Software solution for Care Homes

Centralise your residents' information and improve communication with families

Home helpers

Facilitate home visits and centralise your clients' information

Breakdown and recovery software

Manage your fleet efficiently and stay on track of things

Is your business not on the list?

Don’t worry, this list is not exhaustive. In fact, Organilog can tailor to more than 100 different business sectors.
Mobile repairs, network and telecoms, home automation and even construction site monitoring for the building industry… The list is endless!

Organilog's strengths

+ More than 500 companies

We work on a daily basis with several hundred companies.

Updated every month

A creative team that listens to your needs.

A dedicated advisor

An advisor who knows you and guides you.

A comprehensive solution

A fully customisable interface.

100% French

A company located in Pontchâteau, with a French team.

A reactive support team

Our team responds in less than 30 minutes.

"Organilog has enabled us to be more efficient when it comes to exchanging information, with a view to improving quality and traceability for our customers.”
Mr Courtois
"A good product which has been intelligently developed. Constantly evolving with an excellent team that is super responsive and listens"
Mr Robardet
"We get a response within the same day, sometimes even within 10 minutes. We have a close contact with the team."
Horizon Multimedia

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Adapt the software to your needs with the multiple customisation features.
We adapt to your needs.


Optimise your daily management with an all-in-one tool. Say goodbye to paper-based management with new technologies to improve your daily life.


Security and data confidentiality are our top priorities. Manage your staff and data without fear. Your data is safe and secure in France.