Customer relationship management for field service companies

As the backbone of Organilog, we prioritise customer relationship management. Because a satisfied customer is usually a loyal customer that may talk about you to others, we take care of this special relationship.

Organilog allows you to centralize all information associated with customers, prospects and partners.

In just a few clicks, you can find all the documents, invoices and job information related to your customers for excellent customer service.

All you have to do is import your current customers into Organilog, and that’s it!

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In-field customer relationship management is simple and efficient with Organilog

For a company, excellent customer experience is essential for its brand image. This is why the customer journey must be optimized, cared for, and monitored. You must take special care of your customer throughout their journey, even if it does not lead to a sale.

To help you in this mission, Organilog provides you with the tools you’ll need. Use our software to manage contacts and prospects and set up a dedicated customer service.

Boost your turnover with optimized customer relationship management (CRM).

Organilog makes your life easier with customized records, document archiving, real-time updates in the customer database, structured follow-ups, job notifications, and a portal that is tailored to your needs. 

Besides this customer relations module, Organilog includes other features that are essential for managing your company, such as schedule management, quotation and invoice creation, inventory management, and much more!

Find information easily with our customer relationship management software

No matter how big or small your business is, you can keep track by centralizing information for each customer, prospect or partner. Your customer data is carefully recorded and archived.

  • job planning
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Contracts
  • Equipment
  • Customer requests

With Organilog, you can assign several addresses to the same customer when there are jobs at different locations.

To build relationships with your customers, it is important to keep up-to-date records for smooth communication. Say goodbye to trawling through Excel files with our customer relationship management software! 

customer relationship management
customer relationship management

A constantly updated customer database

With management software such as Organilog, you know where you are and where you’re going. Organilog makes it easy to follow the number of quotes in progress and access job schedules associated with each customer.

Benefit from a sound and structured customer base for excellent customer care!

Simple and effective customer relationship management in the field

With Organilog’s customer relationship management software, simply drag and drop to keep perfect track of all ongoing actions. All communication between you and your customer is archived from the very first contact, to the finalisation of the service. The pipeline allows you to streamline your process.

Fully customizable, this CRM software can be tailored to your needs.

customer relationship management software

Send automatic notifications to customers with Organilog

Notify your customers before a service provider arrives on site. Automate notifications with SMS and email. 

Automatically send out job notifications and take your mind off these time-consuming tasks.

Organilog provides a personalized interface to your in-field customers

What could be more satisfying for a customer than having a free interface to find all useful information and documents?

  • job planning
  • Quotes and invoices
  • job reports
  • Equipment
  • Customer requests

With the Organilog customer portal, you will stand out from the competition, increase customer satisfaction and avoid time-consuming exchanges by email. Your after-sales service has never been so efficient!

customer relationship management system

All features

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Facilitate the management of your quotes and maintenance invoices.

customer management

Customer management

Benefit from an interface allowing you to manage your customers.

online schedule management


Plan your trips with ease, in just a few clicks.

customer relationship management tools


Manage equipment maintenance efficiently.

Time Clock

Mobile clocking in system

Track and calculate the working time of teams in the field.

field service work

Field service work documents

Generate job reports.

customer relationship management solutions

Customer portal

Provide your customers with a portal to access important information.

customer relationship management service


Analyse the profitability of your business with numerous statistics.

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A fully customizable interface.

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A reactive support team

Our team responds in less than 30 minutes.

"Organilog has enabled us to be more efficient when it comes to exchanging information, with a view to improving quality and traceability for our customers.”
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"We get a response within the same day, sometimes even within 10 minutes. We have a close contact with the team."
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Tailor the software to your needs with the multiple customization features.
We adapt to your needs.

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Optimize your daily management with an all-in-one tool. Say goodbye to paper-based management with new technologies to improve your daily life.

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Security and data confidentiality are our top priorities. Manage your staff and data without fear. Your data is safe and secure in France.

Still not convinced ?

Organilog software puts your customer at the centre. This management software of the highest quality provides CRM features and integrates every module necessary for the excellent, smooth management and organization of your company.

By optimizing customer relationship management, you enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing the possibility that they will come back to you again. Today, successful companies know they must deliver a successful customer experience!

An unsatisfied customer is also more likely to talk about your company on social networks and in your business listing Google reviews. Your brand image and your reputation depend closely on this customer relationship.

Organilog helps you set up an efficient after-sales service with a high-performance management tool. With our software, you will adopt a large-scale marketing strategy and develop sales of products and services.

Our CRM solution is entirely dedicated to the tracking and follow-up of your customers. This CRM records, processes and analyses customer requests to streamline this communication. The software helps you to improve customer loyalty by organizing a sales strategy adapted to your needs and by automating the most time-consuming tasks. CRM stores and archives all customer data, enabling you to respond to customers’ requests and wishes.

To optimize customer loyalty and relations with your customers and prospects, Organilog provides you with a first-class project management tool. 

Your office and field teams are also equipped with the solution and are instantly notified of customer requests.

Improve your business relations with these online software solutions as interactions with your contacts, customers and partners are smooth and simplified. 

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