Solutions Adapted For Your Needs

Organilog has designed a software product suitable for everyone to use according to exact business needs.

field service team management software pricing
Dashboard, customer portal, attachments, contacts
Multi-site customers, geolocation
Schedules, profitability, annual history
Facility history, data sheets
Facilities +
Job history, history available via code to be scanned on the equipment
Weekly email summary
Facility history, data sheets
Customized PDF reports
Customize sections, colours, header template
Archiving of all your files: Word documents, Excel, images, photos, PDF
Job requests, customer requests, incidents, follow-up, form for adding tickets from the customer portal / from an email address, email notifications
Ticket archiving
Job requests, customer requests, incidents, follow-up, form for adding tickets from the customer portal / from an e-mail address, e-mail notifications
Tickets +
Support management via
Sales offers
Tenders, categories, CRM features
Multi-sites customer management
For companies with several regional offices
Contracts +
Automatic renewal of contracts
Filters and views
By team member, team, action, job category, billing status
Recurrence management
Managing recurrences
Easily plan recurring jobs
Team member schedules
Send schedules to employees on the mobile app, by email or on a printable medium
Work load
Easily see the workload of employees on a given day
Jobs and Tasks
Customizable, onsite tracking, notification sending and reports in one click
Job site
Planning, monitoring, reporting, profitability calculation
Advanced tracking
Maps, current actions, customer statistics, categories, vehicles
Advanced statistics
Send the PDF job report by email
Bulk sending of job reports
Send the reports by email to the contacts of the jobs completed during the day.
Sync Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar ...
SMS notification* ?* ?
Satisfaction Survey
Mass sending of satisfaction surveys
Send satisfaction surveys to contacts of completed jobs within one day.
Follow-up +
Detection of schedule clashes (web application) Visualize previous and upcoming jobs
Job site +
Public page of the job site
Advanced maintenance management
Transform a request or a job into a quote in one click
Follow-up by sales person, by period, by deadline
Transform a quote into an invoice, manage recurring tasks and duplicate easily
Customize content
Follow-up of non-validated quotes
Quote follow-up
Notifications when quotes are consulted online
Online quote signatures
Proformas, purchase orders, deposit invoices,, credit notes
Recurrences, follow-up by period, by activity, statistics
Customization of numbering and content, email dispatch
Calculation of invoice profitability
Unpaid invoice follow-up
Delivery notes
8 Export formats
Debit card payment via Stripe ? ?
1 reminder level
4 reminder levels
“Option" line within the quotes
Products and services
Product and service catalogue
Monitor stock and manage stock movements
Stock notifications with threshold limit
View stock by warehouse or by truck
Create, track and link orders to a site
Suppliers Place orders to suppliers in one click without re-entering
Teams, skills, upcoming schedules
Employees +
Time management, automatic calculation of hours worked, holiday planning
Manage absences, schedule view
Absences + History, exports
Absence requests
Make absence requests on Organilog
HR monitoring Training, authorizations, medical visits
Expense Claims customizable, statuses and categories
Objectives tracking and measuring performance objectives
Knowledge base Save your knowledge so you don't lose it
Clocking in & out
Tables of clocking in and out times
100% customizable clocking in & out system, CSV export
Clocking in & out via : QRcode (code to scan), application mobile, interface web, Code pin, API
Presence in the morning
Summary interface to view attendance/absences/delays in the morning
Access to the mobile application
For any user with an Organilog licence = same account name, login and password
Geolocation management
Photos taken in the field
Add captions to photos, write on photos
Customer signatures
Send PDF Job reports by email
Management of quotes, invoices and tickets
Tax certificates for personal services (applicable in France)
Immediate advance (Urssaf) (applicable in France)
Rental management
Cerfa completion (1301, 15497)
Management of refrigerant cylinders
Plug and play interconnection with Beds24
Plug and play interconnection for time and attendance with Slack
Plug and play interconnection for ticket creation with Intercom
Consultation of some business software within the Organilog interface ?
Unlimited access, 100% French support , by email, phone, instant messaging
VIP Support
Prioritized responses
Custom fields
Unlimited creation
Data imports
Data exports
Daily backups
Search bar
Multi-criteria search bar
Super Assistant
Automate your daily life, from start to finish
Tailor-made roles
Customized access restriction on the web application
Universal modules
Create specific modules for your own needs and monitoring
Monthly Yearly %
Save money annually


Start with peace of mind.


per month and per user

72 hour archiving
Limited functionality
No support

Basic features
  • Get a taster of most of the PRO package modules
    Basic features

    Discover the features


Become a professional business


per month and per user

Unlimited archiving
100 GB of storage
Free support
Set-up assistance (1h)
  • Use the mobile application
    Mobile Application

    The application turns a simple smartphone into a real mobile assistant.

  • Create jobs and categorize them

    Take advantage of an interface that allows you to centralize and organize your jobs while adding them to your employees' schedules.

  • Generate certain tax certificates
    Tax certificates

    Automatically generate your annual tax certificates.

  • Manage your schedules

    An ergonomic interface to facilitate your planning, using simple "drag and drop". Schedules are automatically updated on your employees' phones.

  • Optimize client follow-up
    Client follow-up

    Consolidate all customer information in one place, with all associated jobs, to ensure optimal follow-up.

  • Manage human resources
    human resources

    Easily manage your teams with our dedicated HR module. Easily manage break times, absences and medical visits

  • Process and categorize customer requests
    customer Requests

    Handle customer requests efficiently, filtering by priority.

  • Manage your teams
    Team management

    Assign tasks and track your teams' progress.

  • Centralize your stock
    Stock management

    Take advantage of a centralized management of your stocks.

  • Send reports by email
    job report

    As soon as an job is completed, you can send the completion report easily using the mobile application.

  • Calculate working hours
    Working hours

    Turn a simple phone into a real time clock to efficiently track and calculate work time.

  • Calculate profitability per customer

    Forecast and measure profitability by job, using our interface.

  • Provide an interface to your customers
    Customer portal

    Offer an interface to your customers so that they can consult invoices, jobs, schedules and much more!

  • Manage your vehicles and equipment
    equipment management

    List your equipment on Organilog to automate its management and maintenance.

  • Collect data easily
    Data collect

    From energy KPIs to fluid consumption, you can track all data related to your business.

  • Centralize the management of several companies
    Several companies

    Manage multiple companies with a single interface.

  • Manage training and authorizations
    Training & authorizations

    Don't get lost in tracking and managing training for your teams

The most popular


Boost your business.


per month per user

Unlimited archiving
400 GB of storage
Free support
Set-up assistance (1h)
In addition to the pro package
  • Facilitate your invoicing

    Simplify the creation and signing of your quotes and invoices, as well as downpayments.

  • Online signing of quotes
    signature of quotation

    With Organilog, your customers can sign quotes online.

  • Make absence requests
    absence requests

    Give your employees a quick way to make absence requests, which you can then validate.

  • Receive invoices online
    Online payment

    Take advantage of our interface to collect your invoices online.

  • Ensure quality control easily
    Quality control

    Send satisfaction surveys to constantly improve your quality of service.

  • Add challenges and goals

    Boost your teams and your company with challenges and objectives.

  • Use our interconnections and APIs
    Interconnexions & APIs

    Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Email, SMS ... Organilog adapts to your tools and also allows you to use its own API (Advanced Use)

  • Send SMS notifications
    SMS notifications

    With this module, you can send notices of completions by SMS.

  • Take advantage of a Time clock system
    Time clock system

    Turn a smartphone into a real time clock or use it for tracking equipment with a QR code.

  • Simplify the management of your documentation
    documentation management

    Automatically pre-fill your documentation with Organilog.

  • Centralize your supplier orders
    Supplier orders

    Place your orders with suppliers.

  • Send reports and questionnaires in bulk
    Mass mailing of job reports and satisfaction surveys

    Save considerable time at the end of the day by sending reports and surveys by email to the contacts of the jobs completed during the day.


Shift into autopilot.

Available annually

per month per user

Unlimited archiving
600 GB of storage
VIP support
Set-up assistance (1h)
In addition to the business package
  • Super assistant: automate your daily work from start to finish
    Super assistant

    The super assistant allows you to automate many tasks and send reminders.

  • Multi-criteria search bar
    Search bar

    Find information related to a client or a job very easily

  • Interim invoices
    Interim invoices

    Create individual invoices based on a percentage of completion of a service.

  • Immediate advance (Urssaf)
    Immediate advance

    Send your personal service invoices directly to the Urssaf so that your clients can benefit from the immediate advance of the Cesu tax credit.

  • Planning by team or job type
    Planning by team or job type

    Facilitate the management of your schedules

  • Backlog management
    Backlog management

    Easily manage backlogs of supplier deliveries

  • Observe rapidly the workload

    Very practical to quickly visualize the workload of your employees over a day.

  • Universal modules
    Universal modules

    The module that can be adapted to an infinite number of needs! Let your imagination run wild.

  • "Plug and play" interconnection with Beds24
    interconnectionion with Beds24

    Very practical for concierge services, you can connect Organilog to Beds24.

  • "Plug and play" interconnection with Slack and Intercom
    Interconnection with Slack & Intercom

    Connect Organilog to your favorite online messaging solution.

  • Use of certain business software within the Organilog interface
    Business software consultation on Organilog

    Work with some business software such as Geoloc, within Organilog

  • Advanced knowledge base
    Knowledge base

    Gather essential information to facilitate the integration of new employees and optimize communication.

  • Different levels of invoice reminders
    Invoice reminders

    Optimize and automate the management of several levels of unpaid reminders.

  • Maintenance range
    Maintenance range

    Group equipment into "ranges" to specify the type of maintenance to be done and note any common specifics, to ensure effective monitoring and maintenance of this equipment.

  • Summary interface for morning clock-ins
    Summary clock-ins

    Discover at a glance, the possible delays of your employees at the beginning of the day.

  • Detection of job clashes
    Job clashes

    For example, if you try to schedule a job for an employee who already has one scheduled at that time, you will be alerted.

  • Previous/upcoming jobs
    Previous/upcoming job

    Navigate easily between the planned jobs to find your way around.

  • Job sites visible on the schedule
    Job sites visible on the schedule

    The planned work sites are displayed directly on the schedule

  • Notification when a quote is consulted online
    follow-up on quotes

    Receive a notification when a customer views one of your online quotes